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Oh gosh ahhhh this episode is full of so many perfect little character moments.

Check out Ami you guys. DO YOU SEE AMI. She sees that attack coming and just dips in and shoves Usagi out of the way. And she can’t do a lot, she doesn’t have the strength, but she does ENOUGH. I LOVE this, love love love. Ami NEVER gets the chance to do this, which just makes it all the more fantastic that she’s doing it now. She might figure “Oh, Venus has got this.” But NO. Protecting Usagi is every bit as much Ami’s job, every bit as important to her, and every bit her first thought.

And seriously, that shove is just fantastic, the way she has to throw her entire body behind it. That’s WITH Senshi strength. Ami, you’re the best.

Then Minako, who is amazing on two levels here.

First, the obvious. She doesn’t hesitate, she just gets right in there and takes the full brunt of this attack, protecting both Usagi and Ami. Again, this isn’t something we get to see too much with Minako. Rei and Makoto are the big doofuses with the hobby for flinging themselves in front of shit. But that’s probably WHY we don’t get to see it as much. they hog all the fun. As much as Minako has that ruthlessness in her if she has to, it’s only when she absolutely has to. Both Ami and Usagi stand a much greater chance of being hurt, and that’s just not going to happen while Minako can stop it.

Then the way she doesn’t even check to see if Usagi’s out of the way. She keeps her eyes on Mimete the entire time, trusting that Ami has done all she can to protect Usagi. Ami may have the least amount of strength and the slowest reaction time, but Minako still trusts her utterly to do what needs to be done.

Ahh, all this from twelve frames of animation. SO GOOD.

I just can’t get enough of these badass, flawless ladies.

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