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Princesses, you have a lot of responsibility. I'm about to teach a couple of gen-ed college courses, starting in just a couple of weeks. I'm so nervous, and my anxiety is making it difficult to get things together. I have a lot to do, and there's so much pressure. How do I push through?



Oh wow, that seems like a big responsibility! But exciting, too, I’m sure! From experience, it helps to get things organized. Make sure you formulate a plan for what to do first and when. Figure out everything you have to do and a schedule so that everything has their alotted time and you don’t run out of time while still having tons to do!

Don’t forget to relax and de-stress too. If you’re feeling anxious, try doing something relaxing like taking a long bath or listening to music. Don’t think about the pressure or expectations; just focus on getting the tasks done and do the best you can. You can do it - I believe in you!


Holy fucking shit! That’s a wheel of fortune in the back!
A wheel that shows the past present and future, energies of creations, the building blocks of life and the four elements. Also representing the wheel of the year and the 8 sabbats! In readings, pulling the wheel of fortune car can mean good luck, destiny or a turning of events.
My mind is exploxing! This is pretty much imply that Sailor Moon herself in a turning of events because she fucking is! Sailor Moon isn’t supposed to exist! She was the princess to be protected but then when the silver milineum ended in tragidy destiny changed. She became able to protect herself, fight along side her friends and be the bad ass freaking sailor senshi we know and love!!

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